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Jelly Belly

The Jelly Belly Candy, or simply Jelly Belly, is the maker of the Jelly Belly jelly bean and other candy, formerly known as The Herman Goelitz Candy Company. The company produces more than 37 million pounds (17,000 tonnes) of candy annually. They asked Farmhouse to redesign and build-out its new site as well as update […]

Kaiser Permanente

The corporate venturing wing of Kaiser Permanente, National Venture Development advances the health and well-being of its communities by establishing partnerships and investing venture capital into entrepreneurial teams in the healthcare arena. To help disseminate information and attract eligible start-ups, we created an online brochure site featuring information on Kaiser’s Venture Development arm and criteria […]

The AH-HA traveler

Farmhouse is developing The AH-HA Traveler Magazine website in WordPress. WordPress makes things easy but its easy to get stuck in template nuances. Farmhouse can help you set-up and fix the toughest of WordPress sites. Deliverables Include: Flowcharts Visual Design WordPress template and site installation and build-out QA Release  


A site as frequently used as the Yellow Pages has to be intuitive, functional, and above all, rewarding! We worked with a branding firm to develop the easy-to-use user interface, the marketing strategy, and the business development plan. Based on these findings, we developed the templates to which the entire site was built. We also […]

Coach Nikki

No Client is too small. We can build a personal business website as well. This is our second site for Nikki. Farmhouse worked with her ad agency to give Nikki the online presence she needs for her coaching business. Nothing more, nothing less. Deliverables Included: HTML 5 CSS/Javascript site build-out Prototyping QA Release